Film Title:
The Old Son

이지원, 김시형

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About The Old Son / Written by Jong Hwang

What if your family were immortal except you?
In an alternate universe, 98% of the population are immortals. Immortals look young and charm because they don’t get older in terms of appearance after 25. On the other hand, there is 2% of the mortal population. Mortals are just like us. They become wrinkled as getting older.
Tom, born to be a mortal, doesn’t feel a true love from his parents who are immortal and never age. He lives far away from home until he gets a cancer at 60. Tom, now an elderly mortal man, decides to come back home to reconcile himself with his immortal parents before he dies. But his reconciliation isn’t easy.
The Old Son is based on a short story “Deathwatch” written by Norman Spinrad and published in Playboy Magazine in 1965. It is about how hard it is to say I love you between family members.