V-dubs Rock

Crispin Porter + Bogusky including Jiwon Lee

campaign overview

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campaign video on YouTube 1       campaign video on YouTube 2

Introduction by Crispin Porter + Bogusky

V-dubs Rock
In a groundbreaking collaboration, First Act teamed up with Volkswagen of America, Inc. to present the First Act GarageMaster guitar, an innovative guitar that plays through the audio system of select VW models. During fourth quarter 2006, each new Jetta, GLI, GTI, Rabbit, New Beetle, and New Beetle Convertible included a custom-designed First Act GarageMaster guitar.
Owners of the new VW models were able to transform their cars into mobile amps, with a newfound freedom to rock in the driveway, play at outdoor parties, or shred in the beach parking lot. New rockers hit the road with a First Act GarageMaster guitar in the trunk, ready to stop and dispense riffs wherever the mood struck.
Users who arrived to during the height of VW’s First Act guitar promotion found an online experience that was more rock concert than website. They were greeted by the hard electric licks of famed rocker Slash, just as the true star of the site, the First Act guitar, rotated into view. The site’s main purpose was to introduce the public to the VW special edition GarageMaster guitar, which brings another level of music to your VW by plugging into your car and playing through its stereo. But the site went way beyond simply showing the guitar and talking about the promotion. It offered a comprehensive 3-D look at the guitar itself, and provided a host of other guitar experiences for amateurs and aficionados, alike.